• Custom Framing

    Consider a unique custom frame for your new art selection. We now offer custom frames for each of our images that you choose, even for our unique and un-traditional sized art work.
  • Paying It Forward

    That's not just a cliche at my website. I learned first hand how cancer can impact people's lives when my dad got Pancreatic Cancer and had to decide whether keep working or come home and fight to stay alive.

    Now I send 10% of all sales to a cancer survivors and their families. I also accept any donation amounts and pass them along too. Even the $10-$20 amounts help. Feel free in joining me anytime by buying prints here or donating anytime.

  • Thinking Art

    I've often been asked how I come up with my ideas or how I know what part of an image I should draw or paint and what to leave out. Well, I've decided to tell everyone what is really in my mind when I am creating. Check out Blog to read those secret thoughts.
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